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Support us in creating values-led leaders!


bspark invests in the leadership development of inspiring and driven professionals. Young people who are committed to securing a future of a better society and the planet in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s).


They can all make this change, being an entrepreneur or a musician, coming from the smallest village in Africa or the biggest city in the world. Only like this will we cause a domino effect and cause a real impact.


We are a not-for profit*, fully independent global academy. Why is that important? It assures that our students and their learning is our top priority at all times. We are constantly in beta, adapting and making the program fit the changing needs of our world.


We were able to start this academy thanks to contributions to our crowdfunding by incredible individuals who see the importance of holistic leadership development for our future and trust our methodology and facilitators. Help us continue developing the leaders of tomorrow!


*We are still in process of obtaining the official not for profit status. Therefore, the donations are not tax-deductible at this moment.

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