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your development. your life. your purpose.

We empower talented young professionals to become future-proof leaders & lead a career with purpose


Haïna Keke, 33, Comoros


Co-Founder,  President

Instead of building on technical skills, it focuses on addressing futurist challenges by dealing with the "now" in a more efficient, globally aware, emotionally intelligent, creative, and resilient manner.

George Freeman, Sierra Leone

International Human Rights & Justice Grants Advisor at The Pollination Project

Totally unexpected and 100% worth it: Bspark Leadership Academy  takes what could be just another played out seminar and turns it into a truly inspiring journey around your personality and your career.

Lukas Okal, 32, Slovakia

Microsoft Czech rep & Slovakia / Territory Channel Manager SMB

I had an opportunity to be a part of this leadership program and it was life changing experience.

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