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How can I apply?





We want you to learn not only from professors and coaches, but also from your peers. We place special importance on selecting the candidates who are extraordinary just like yourself, yet very diverse at the same time.​

Diverse groups bring us closer together, further enhance our learning and understanding of the world. We believe values-led leaders are needed across the fields and across the world.


Step 1 - Informational Videoconference

We would love to get to know you and tell you all about the program! This call is just for informational purposes and serves you to understand the program and its implications better. Check the requirements below and if you qualify set up your session through our calendar or if you have doubts write your questions to our mail.


Step 2 - CV and your life story

We value your professional achievements, but we value you even more as a person. Just be yourself, tell us your life story by answering questions that we will share with you after the informational video-conference. They are meant to guide you, so we would be able to get to know you better and ensure the program is right for you, to help you grow in the best way possible. You will receive the questions after the informational interview.

Step 3 - Final interviews

Now you know us, we know you and we can together decide if we are a perfect match. We might throw in a test or two to learn your thinking process and personality.

We will also be able to give you more details on possibilities of accommodation and help with finding the best financial solution for you.

Are you suitable for this program? 

To start the selection process you need to comply with the following requirements: 

Professionaly you:

•have 1-6 years of professional experience

•have at least a bachelor degree

•are a fluent English speaker

Personally, you:

• are curious, intelligent and hungry to learn more about the world, to develop further, understand

• are goal oriented - always thinking about the future and your next goal

• are a humble top achiever, grateful with desire to give back, add value

• have a drive and a solid value system

• have very limited time – you cherish your time as you have a wide array of interests and obligations

• don’t want to choose between being authentic and being part of a community

• know you have potential to spark a change in the world


This hand-picked high profile is essential to…

...Be able to grasp quickly the concepts

...Interchange the knowledge between the peers

...To make an impact in your organization in the shortest time possible

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