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holistic leadership program

We empower talented young professionals to become future-proof leaders & lead a career with purpose.

about us


We believe in the individual potential as the solution to any major personal, organizational, societal or environmental challenge. 

The way we unleash the potential is through holistic professional and personal development program using personal mastery tools to facilitate and live Theory U.

Why do we do what we do?

Driven by our founder's own personal and professional experience, our mission is to empower future generations to become future-proof leaders. Leaders who in addition to securing their future, secure a future of a better society and the planet in line with UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s).


Vera's interest in leadership and how to change it started at age 14 when she fled with her family from Serbia due to war.  She left the world of multinationals to create impact in a more structured and global way. To create it with YOU.

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15 months blended program


You can continue working and be part of bspark program! We designed the classes in a way that is compatible with your career - out of 15 months we have 2x2 weeks in Madrid, the rest of the program is online with online classes, assignments, coaching and readings. For the detailed split of 15 months check out the student booklet below.


Experiential learning in small classes

Personal mastery tools 

Theory U


Real-life assignments

Application process


Highly talented open-minded young professionals

Diverse professional and 

cultural backgrounds

Multinational companies,

governments, NGO’s, entrepreneurs

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Active world-class professionals 


Trainers at renowned universities and companies (IE, IED, Microsoft, Unilever, Bankinter...)

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our leadership program courses

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We base our program on 3 pillars - Understand. Act. Impact.

Understand - lead with purpose, Act - influence others and Impact -maximize your impact

Our students

our students


Global talented young professionals with different backgrounds and experiences. What they do have in common is they are all searching for something more in their life and work.

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Akash Rajkumar, India

Strategic Initiatives at TechMahindra

Glad that the program has made its mark on me early on, that I understood leadership is neither a crown one gets to wear nor the wings that we can borrow from someone else but must be our own wings that define who we are and what our values are in the journey.

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Estefania Bejarano, Colombia

Projects Engineer at Enef Energía Solar

A life revelation you need!

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address: Manuel Cortina 11b, 28010 Madrid

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